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The year is 2820, humanity has not yet gone beyond the steam engine and have developed all their technologies around them. Humanity's progress is made through taming of the elements, to produce energy, or so they thought. In Dr. Fulmen's lab, there have been numerous experiments made on this matter, but one day, everything blew up and the elements, now powered up, started fighting back by turning the scientists into a hivemind. The only one unaffected are you. Fulmen's lab rat named Nicola, who is wielding his creation - a sword that absorbs and discharges elemental power.

The Faceless. A single player, 3D, 3rd person hack and slash game, accompanied by narrative.  It is set in a futuristic steampunk environment and this Vertical slice project is a short and casual hack and slash journey through the first laboratory, made for electricity.

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In-game Music: 

  • Ada Jones - Cross My Heart and hope to die
  • Amy Butler - Beautiful Eyes
  • Arthur Collins - If I'm going to die I'm going to have some fun

Install instructions

Download and unzip to access the exe file


TheFaceless3.4a.zip 412 MB

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